15 Time-Saving Tips for Business Travel


By Kitt Hodsden [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to retrieve your luggage at airport baggage claim. That’s 1-to-1.5 hours, every trip, of accomplishing nothing other than waiting for bags to make their way around a carousel. Factor in the time we spend packing, checking-in for flights, booking rental cars, filling out expense reports, and forgetting where we parked, and we’re left with disconcertingly little time for actual business.

You may have a sense for where we’re going with this: a recommendation to register for our Bags VIP luggage delivery service. You saw that coming.

But we’re going to take it a step further: while our Bags VIP service saves a significant amount of time and adds substantial convenience, it is only one part of a larger time-saving travel strategy. We’ve amassed a list of time-saving travel tips that, when combined our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, have the potential to save an enormous amount of business-travel time.

Here are 15 start-to-finish time-saving tips for business travel:

  1. Enroll in our Bags VIP luggage delivery service – Bags VIP allows you to bypass baggage claim while our agents deliver your luggage – saving you up to 30-45 minutes every time you fly. We can even deliver equipment so you don’t have to worry about things like shipping golf clubs or skis ahead.
  2. Keep a packed bag – if you travel on business frequently, maintaining a packed bag at all times can save several hours of last minute packing.
  3. Seek out the most direct travel routes – not necessarily the most inexpensive option, but you could save a couple of hours if you can book a direct flight or can fly out of a regional airport rather than a more prominent one.
  4. Check-in for your flight online – avoid long airport check-in lines and print your boarding passes from home. Also, checking-in online will allow you to select your seats on the flight, which could get you off the plane quicker if the seat is located near the front.
  5. Consider obtaining a Clear Security Pass – this pass provides access to faster airport security lines, eliminating the need for early arrival or providing you with more time in the airport to review that sales presentation.
  6. Enroll in frequent flyer programs – if you’re loyal to a particular airline, accumulating frequent flyer miles may grant you access to faster check-in lines, priority boarding, and free upgrades.
  7. Save time moving through airport security – Use a clear Ziploc bag to carry keys, wallets, phones, and any other items you would normally carry in your pockets. That way, you can have security screen all of your items at once without having to fumble through your pockets loading and unloading the security bins.
  8. Use the hotel concierge – utilize the hotel concierge to make advanced dinner reservations so you won’t have to allot any time to meal planning when you arrive.
  9. Use mobile expense reporting – rather than wasting time manually filling out paperwork, complete it on-the-go with an online expense application. For example, with Concur for Mobile, you can book itineraries, capture receipts, and submit expense reports all from your smartphone or tablet.
  10. Consider an airport VIP lounge pass – if you can’t avoid time spent at the airport, due to either flight delays or layovers, an airport VIP lounge is a quiet and comfortable place to get some work done. Equipped with Wi-Fi and conference rooms, you can squeeze in some business between flights.
  11. Get around quicker – if you’re renting a car, consider enrolling in any available frequent rental programs for a quicker check-in process. Also, ensure that the rental car facility is located in the airport and not at an off-site address. This will prevent wasted time commuting from the airport to the rental car facility.
  12. Pre-program your GPS – taking the time to pre-program addresses into your GPS before arrival can save commuting time.
  13. Keep organized – designate one folder for all travel related documents such as itineraries, boarding passes, and receipts. You’ve worked hard to save time using the other strategies; don’t waste time on something as simple as not being able to find a document.
  14. Park smarter – searching for your parked car after your flight lands is not a good use of time. Many airports offer parking plans and valet services that can speed vehicle retrieval. If you want to avoid the expense, simply take a photo of the lot with your smart phone for reference.
  15. Register for our Bags VIP luggage delivery service for the return flight – bypass baggage claim and head home while we deliver your bags.

Individually, some tips have more time-saving potential than others; collectively, their time-saving potential is enormous. Using a Clear Security Pass will get you through security quicker on departure, booking Bags VIP luggage delivery service will get you past baggage claim on arrival, and between the two services a significant amount of time has been saved on both legs of the trip. Incorporate the other recommendations and you’ll now have the time to start adding additional meetings to every business trip.

Let’s see how long we can grow this list: share your time-saving travel tips with us.



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