Avoid Excess Baggage: What Not to Pack on Your Next Trip

Bad packing decisions leads to excess baggage. Figuring out out what you really need and what you can leave is the only way to consolidate and save space. Most people pack with the assumption that anything that can go wrong, will. And they pack accordingly. This accounts for a great deal of excess baggage and unnecessary items being brought along on trips. Figuring out what you really need and what you can leave is the only way to consolidate your luggage and save space. Try to keep these things in mind and out of your bags when you’re packing:

TSA Prohibited Items:
When flying, make sure you’ve consulted the TSA list of prohibited items. This will save space in your bags, and potentially a hassle at the airport. And remember when it doubt, leave it at home.

Full Size Bottles:
Full size toiletry items are not only bulky and cumbersome, they are also against TSA regulations. Replace your regular shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste with drug store trial size bottles.

Extra Clothing:
Try to limit your clothing choices to simple outfits that can be doubled for alternate situations. Spruce those up with small accessories that don’t take up a lot of room – ties, scarves and belts are a few options. And remember, if you’re going somewhere cold, wear your big coat on the plane to save some room in your bags.

Again, versatility is key with shoes. Wear your bulky pair on the plane, and make sure the ones you pack can serve more than one purpose. Try to limit yourself to two pair: one causal and one dressier, though you may want to pass on extra-high heels or heavy boots.

Bulky Items:
Don’t forget what hotels provide and what they don’t. Bathrobes, hair dryers and a selection of toiletries are commonly provided at all kinds of hotels and resorts. Use theirs! Take advantage of the free amenities.

When thinking of what to bring, avoid possible mishaps and streamline your bag by leaving your valuables, i.e. jewelry other fancy accessories at home. If you have to bring lots of cash or expensive items, be sure to pack them in your carry-on instead of checked bags.

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    You guys made my travel easier!!!
    Just what I needed in Chicago, especially when I had 3 large bags and planned to take public transportation from airport into city.
    Will absolutely use again!


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