Bags Inc. Begins Operations at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort

Wyndham LBV

Bags Parking & Guest Services is excited to add the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort to our growing list of partners utilizing our professional valet and parking management services.

Image courtesy Wyndham Lake Buena Vista.

Image courtesy Wyndham Lake Buena Vista.

Bags Inc. began operations at midnight on November 1st, 2013, and looks forward to many years of providing exceptional customer service.

As a recipient of the 2013 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award, Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort has an impressive assortment of amenities, facilities, and services. Resort highlights include 626 spacious guest-rooms, 19,000 square-feet of flexible meeting space; on-site restaurants, pools, and fitness centers; and views of the amusement parks, Downtown Disney®, and Lake Buena Vista from the Tower Building.

4 thoughts on “Bags Inc. Begins Operations at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort

  1. Megan Norman

    I recently stayed at this resort and used the valet service. When we were ready to check out, we attepmted to text the number provided to retrieve our car, only to get a reply back that they were too busy and to come to the valet stand. When we came to the stand, the valet drivers said they were “too busy” and sent us to get our car from the valet lot ourselves. We found our car in the lot, and it was damaged. We reported this to the valet, they confirmed they were responsible and forms were filed. We then had to walk again to the valet lot and get our car as they were too busy still. We paid for a service we did not receive. Dealing with the claims has been ok, however we were told that it is policy that they do not compensate for time and hassle spent getting estimate and repairs. The damage was caused by the valet staff and while they are paying for the basic repair for my car, they are unwilling to resolve my other complaints. I did not damage my car, yet I am the one dealing with unwanted hassles to correct their mistake. The least that could happen is to refund the $8 valet charge since they only damaged and parked my car and wouldn’t bring my car back to me. Very disappointing service and customer satisfaction, all while hiding behind a “policy” they claim prevents them from correcting what they did wrong.

    1. Jenny Resendez

      Hi Megan…

      Thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry you did not receive the high level of customer service for which we strive, and which you deserve. We take customer feedback very seriously. I have your name and email address and we will be in touch shortly.

      – Jenny Resendez, Bags Inc.

  2. Jamie Rein

    I have never pulled into a hotel check in area and been told by the vallet staff that I have to park in self park and unload in parking lot and then check in. That only vallet customers can wait there. Supervisor says they would have to accommodate all self park customers and that it is against hotel policy. Once I had enough or the nonsense I ask if they were directly employed directly through the hotel was told yes. At check out I was told that was absolutely NOT there policy and that they in fact do not work for the hotel directly but are employed by this company. Then of coarse they denied all of it. Attendant and supervisor are the rudest people I have EVER met in ANY hotel I have EVER stayed at.


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