Bags VIP Luggage Delivery FAQs

With Bags VIP luggage delivery service, you get a proven service on which you can rely. Your luggage travels with you and there's no need to ship it ahead.We understand that trusting someone with your luggage is a big deal. You don’t want just anyone to be responsible for everything you need on your trip. That’s where we come in. With Bags VIP luggage delivery service, you get a proven service on which you can rely. Bags® travel partners, including major airlines, cruise lines and world-famous resorts, trust Bags to handle their customers’ luggage every day, more than 5 million bags each year! Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions that should assure you that you can walk confidently past baggage claim, trusting Bags VIP to retrieve and deliver your items, as promised. It is a responsibility we take seriously!

What is Bags VIP?
Bags VIP is a service that allows you to skip baggage claim and have your baggage delivered directly to the location of your choice (home, office, hotel, golf course, etc.) within 100 miles of a participating destination airport.

From traveling hassle-free to saving time to great customer service, our customers tell us why they love using our Bags VIP luggage delivery service.Can I schedule a Bags VIP delivery if I’m already at the airport?
Yes, as long as you book your delivery at least one hour before your scheduled flight departure, your destination is a participating airport, your baggage will not need to clear customs, and the delivery address is within 100 miles of the airport, you can participate in the Bags VIP service.

How will Bags VIP know which bags to deliver?
When you place your order, we get a detailed description of each bag included in the order. Our local delivery agent will use the description you provided to find your bag.

Do I need to prepare my bags for the delivery service?
Most luggage shipping services require your items to be picked up days in advance and specially packed. With Bags VIP, you don’t. As long as your items can be checked with the airlines, we will deliver it as is, including skis, golf clubs, and strollers.

Does my luggage travel separately from me?
With Bags VIP, your luggage travels on the same plane as you, instead of being shipped ahead. You get the peace of mind knowing your bags will be traveling with you, and will be delivered in a time frame you can plan around.

For answers to any and all of your questions about Bags VIP luggage delivery service, visit our FAQs page for a more detailed list of questions.

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