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Bags Inc. Partners with Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel to Offer Complimentary Airline Check-In


There are many reasons to choose the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel: short, complimentary shuttle rides to the Atlanta Airport, proximity to many of Atlanta’s most popular attractions, and several amenities for a convenient and relaxing stay. Now, add airline check-in to the list.

Bags Inc., in partnership with the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel, is pleased to offer complimentary airline check-in services. Guests can visit the Bags Airline Check-In desk in the hotel lobby, check their luggage, receive their boarding passes, and proceed to the airport luggage-free. Bags Inc. agents will safely and securely transport guests’ luggage to the airport for screening and loading onto the plane.

Remote airline check-in is another example of how Bags Inc. continues to Make Travel Easier. Combined with our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, our vision of luggage-free travel is being realized across the country.

Will airline check-in become the new standard in hotel services? Tell your favorite hotel you want the convenience of Bags Airline Check-In!



Bags Inc. Unveils New Website

The new Website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website at We have enhanced the design and functionality of the site, making navigation easier while more effectively highlighting the unique and increasingly popular Bags VIP luggage delivery service.

The launch of the new website is one of many exciting changes taking place at Bags Inc. Over the last year we’ve added three additional major airlines to our growing list of Bags VIP airline partners, increased the number of locations where travelers can use our Bags Remote Airline Check-In service, and strengthened our reputation for providing top-notch customer service.  As we continue to grow and our message continues to spread, more and more travelers are discovering how Bags Inc. can truly Make Travel Easier.

Make sure to check back with us for more exciting news and developments, and as always we would love to hear any feedback you have regarding our new website or our services.

Bags Inc. Brings Airline Check-in Service to Its First Mall Location

Image courtesy Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

Image courtesy Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

Orlando based Bags Inc., the world leader in luggage delivery and multi-airline remote check-in services, embarked into the mall services business by launching its innovative concierge service that includes Bags Airline Check-In and Bags VIP Luggage Delivery services. The Bags services will be offered when the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, the first fully-enclosed outlet mall built in Chicago in more than two decades, opens its doors today.

Please see the full press release Bags Inc. Brings Airline Check-In Service to its First Mall Location for more information.

Bags Inc. to Serve Fashion Outlets of Chicago

Fashion Outlets of Chicago, where Bags Inc will be providing concierge and guest services, as well as Bags Airline Check-In services.

Bags Parking and Guest Services has partnered with Fashion Outlets of Chicago to provide an innovative concierge service that includes Bags Airline Check-In at the brand new mall scheduled to open August 1st of this year. For a nominal fee, travelers will be able to check their excess baggage for their flights and get their boarding passes at the Bags Inc. concierge desk in the mall, and then take a shuttle directly to the airport, free from the hassles of hauling luggage to the airport and free to do some last minute shopping at the Fashion Outlets.

Additionally Bags will be running all concierge services for the mall including restaurant reservations, bag check, lost and found, and package shipping. Travelers can also upgrade to the Bags VIP luggage delivery service and have their bags delivered to any address within 100 miles of their destination airport.

Traveler Review of Early Bag Check

Early Bag Check at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, operated by Bags Inc.

We have been getting a lot of media buzz about the Early Bag Check offered at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport by Bags Inc. What we enjoy even more than good media coverage though is positive feedback from the travelers who use our service. This comment is just in from our friends at Phoenix Sky Harbor. Thank you, Michelle!

I just tried the new service in the east economy parking lot and love it! I told all my friends (via Facebook) how great it is. Also, the gentleman who took my bag and checked me in was so friendly and explained everything with a great smile. Thank you!!


The Plaza Hotel and Casino Offers Bags Airline Check-In

Bags Airline Check-In desk at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

The Plaza Hotel and Casino is the first hotel in Las Vegas to offer Bags Airline Check-In as a complementary service to their guests. That means guests of the Plaza Hotel and Casino flying on participating airlines can check their bags and get their boarding pass in the hotel lobby. Bags Inc. will get the baggage to the airport and through security. That means that you’ll you have more time to enjoy your final day in Vegas, and it’s just one more reason the Plaza Hotel and Casino is a great place to stay. To take advantage of the service just bring your luggage and valid ID to the the Bags desk in the lobby at least 2 hours before your flight — we’ll take care of the rest.

Bags Airline Check-In from The Plaza Hotel and Casino is available with the following airlines flying from McCarran International Airport: Southwest, Delta, United, American, US Airways, and JetBlue.

Las Vegas Market Partners with Bags Inc

World Market Center Las Vegas, Las Vegas Market partnership with Bags Inc.

Each year, more than 50,000 home furnishing professionals from around the world descend on the Word Market Center Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Market, the largest, fastest-growing new home furnishings trade complex in the world. This year, Las Vegas Market has partnered with Bags Inc. to provide Bags Airline Check-In service. Attendees traveling on participating airlines can check their bags and receive their boarding pass in the lobby of Building B on the day of their departure. Bags Inc. will then get their luggage securely onto their flight. Travelers can upgrade to Bags VIP luggage delivery too if they wish, allowing them to skip baggage claim, and we’ll deliver their luggage directly to an address of their choice when they arrive at their destination.

Las Vegas Market attendees can sign up for service on the Las Vegas Market Bags VIP portal.

Passengers with the following airlines may participate:

  • American Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Delta
  • AirTran
  • United
  • US Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Southwest Airlines

Early Check-In for Service Members in San Antonio

Bags Airline Check-In agents assisting US Servicemen and Servicewomen flying out of San Antonio for their holiday leave

When 6,000 service members from Fort Sam Houston and Lackland Air Force Base got their holiday leave beginning December 20th, it added to the already busy holiday travel season for San Antonio International Airport. They called it the “Exodus.” Bags Inc. partnered with the airport and the TSA to Make Travel Easier for our service members going home for the holidays.

This year, Bags Inc. provided Early Check-In, and we even picked up and delivered luggage to the airport free of charge. Not only did our service help get servicemen and servicewomen to their flights more quickly, it also helped alleviate long lines and delays for civilians traveling through San Antonio International Airport during the holiday season.

Don’t Get Stuck Dragging Your Luggage Around Vegas

Travelers to Las Vegas who could have used Bags VIP luggage delivery service pulling roller bags down the Strip instead

It’s always fun walking down the Vegas Strip, but less fun when you’re carrying your luggage behind you. If these folks had used Bags VIP luggage delivery service, they’d already be enjoying their vacation (while their bags waited for them in their hotel room), instead of trying to juggle their luggage.

In addition to Bags VIP delivering luggage for travelers arriving in Las Vegas, travelers can also use the Bags Airline Check-in on the day they are scheduled leave Las Vegas to check in for their flight and send their luggage ahead to the airport with Bags agents who will have it screened and loaded on their flight for them, all while the travelers themselves enjoy a luggage-free final day of their trip. Bags Airline Check-In is available at these Vegas properties:

  • Harrah’s Las Vegas
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
  • Riviera Casino & Hotel
  • Plaza Hotel & Casino
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Luxor