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Bags Flashback: January 6, 2006

It was almost 7 years ago that USA Today featured the launch of the Bags Inc Onboard Check-In and Luggage Valet service for the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise lines. If you’ve been on a cruise, you know the last couple hours is often spent standing around with your luggage, waiting to disembark. Bags Inc. offering Onboard Check-in and Luggage service meant that passengers could check in for their flights and leave their luggage with us, all before evening leaving the ship, making it easier for them to enjoy the last hours of their vacation.

Photo of a USA Today newspaper article about the launch of Bags Onboard Check-In and Luggage Valet service

Early Bag Check at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Early Bag Check desk at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, operated by Bags Inc.

Passengers flying Southwest Airlines and US Airways are able to drop off their luggage before they park in East Economy Parking, eliminating the need to carry checked luggage aboard the PHX Sky Train.

To take advantage of Early Bag Check, travelers should watch for signs as they enter East Economy Parking. Soon Early Bag Check will be available for travelers arriving at the 44th Street & Washington PHX Sky Train station as well.

There is no additional cost for this service, though individual airline bag fees still apply.

Remote Airline Check-In at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Art of Animation Resort

Guests at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort have access to Bags Remote Airline Check-In service. On the day of departure, guests can check in for their flight and check their luggage at the Remote Airline Check-In counter in the resort lobby. Bags Inc will securely transport their luggage to the airport, through security, and on-board the aircraft, leaving guests the luxury to enjoy the final day of their stay — perhaps by lounging in the Big Blue Pool in the Finding Nemo Courtyard.

Guests who upgrade to the Bags VIP luggage delivery service can also have their luggage delivered right to their home doorstep, rather than having to wait at baggage claim at their destination airport.