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Free Toys for ‘VIP Kids’ at Nathaniel’s Hope Toy Store


Courtesy of Nathaniel’s Hope

Bags Inc. is proud to sponsor the Nathaniel’s Hope toy store event this year. Nathaniel’s Hope, founded in 2002, provides vital services to children with special needs (VIP Kids) and their families. Programs include respite care for the families, “buddy” programs for the children, and Christmas and birthday events held at various children’s hospitals throughout Florida.

In December of each year, Nathaniel’s Hope runs its annual toy store event where families in need can pick up holiday gifts for their VIP kids. Bags Inc. will contribute to this event by picking up and delivering donated toys from 20 Walgreens locations throughout Central Florida. Additionally, we will be present on Friday, December 13th, and Sunday, December 15th, to prepare and serve food for thousands of individuals at the event.

In addition to the annual toy store event, Nathaniel’s Hope also runs two holiday programs called Caroling for Kids and Caroling Caravan.

Here are the descriptions of the events, taken from the Nathaniel’s Hope website:

  1. Caroling for Kids teams share hope and encouragement with patients, families and caregivers at children’s hospitals on Christmas Day through caroling and bearing goodies and gifts!
  2. Caroling Caravan are caroling teams that visit medically fragile VIP kids and their families who are homebound for Christmas.  They deliver Christmas cheer and toys from Nathaniel’s Hope Toy Shop.
  3. Nathaniel’s Toy Shop provides FREE toys at Christmas to VIP families with financial need.

If you would like to participate in any of these events, you can register as a volunteer here. Volunteer opportunities include becoming part of the caroling team, wrapping and delivering gifts, shopping, and child care. You can also help by donating gifts, Christmas treats, candy canes, and small beanie babies, or by providing financial support.

Do you have any stories to share about Nathaniel’s Hope? Do you have any other community programs you would like to recognize?

Bags Inc. Launches Corporate Website

Bags Inc.

We are excited to have reached another critical milestone in an eventful year: the launch of our new corporate website, located at The previous year has seen the establishment of many new partnerships, the expansion of our operations, and updates to our consumer website, among many other exciting changes taking place during a period of substantial growth.

Looking back, we’ve come a long way since our beginnings as a small valet parking company in Orlando, growing into a nationwide provider of innovative delivery, hospitality, and airport services. We now operate in more than 250 U.S. cities, employ more than 4,000 dedicated team members, and handle more than 5 million bags per year, finding new ways to answer the same question on which the company was founded: “How can we Make Travel Easier?”

The answers to that simple question are more than 20 years in the making, driving the development of innovative travel and hospitality solutions for businesses of any category and size. We hope that our corporate website adequately illustrates those solutions, and that our future business partners will discover the many benefits of partnering with Bags Inc.

A Special Thanks to Our Community Partners

giving thanksBags Inc. has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: dedicated employees, loyal customers, and a growing list of partnerships working to advance our mission to Make Travel Easier. But we are especially thankful for the organizations that work tirelessly in the community to enhance the quality of life.

This year, we wanted to give a special thanks to those dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with serious medical issues. From finding cures to creating awareness to offering moral support, these organizations fearlessly face the challenges of life-threatening illnesses — every day and often without recognition.

Bags Inc. is proud to support, through our charity efforts, many of these organizations, like Runway to Hope, Nathaniel’s Hope, American Cancer Society, Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation, Kids Beating Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families, and Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, among many other worthwhile causes. We want to thank these organizations for the support they’ve provided for countless families.

Which organizations or individuals, making a difference in the community, are you thankful for?

*Image courtesy Flickr user Hey Paul Studios.


Dreamflight 2013 Arrives in Orlando, Fla.

DreamFlight2Each year, 192 deserving children from all over the U.K. travel to Orlando, Fla., for 10 fun-filled days at the amusement parks. Accompanied by health care professionals and other volunteers, seriously-ill yet courageous children aged 8-14 board a chartered Boeing 747 aircraft to begin a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience.

Upon arrival in Orlando, the children are treated to a water salute aboard the aircraft followed by an Orange County Police escort from the airport to the hotel. The next 10 days are filled with adventures at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, and Discovery Cove. The entire experience is a wonderful and indispensable escape from the reality—with activities ranging from meeting Disney characters to swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove.

Since 2009, Bags Inc. has volunteered its services to this extraordinary cause. Each year, we retrieve and deliver all excess baggage between the airport and hotels at arrival and departure. It’s our small way of contributing to a valuable occasion where children can develop confidence, independence, and a new outlook on life as they develop relationships with other children experiencing similar challenges.

For more information about the event, visit

Dreamflight 2013 WS    Dreamflight 2013 Bags

Bags Inc. Joins IATA Strategic Partnerships Program

IATA Strategic Partner_

Bags Inc. is proud to announce our new partnership with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The IATA is the trade association for the world’s airlines, supporting many areas of aviation activity and helping to formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues.

Bags Inc. will now have the opportunity to work with the IATA in serving the air transport industry while gaining unique insight into the business. The partnership will provide an additional platform for Bags Inc. to drive innovation in travel services and to continue to Make Travel Easier.

We are also pleased to announce our attendance at IATA’s World Passenger Symposium 2013, held on October 29-31 in Dublin, Ireland. The theme of this year’s event will be “From Service to Value – a customer driven transformation,” with exciting topics such as the checkpoint of the future and new distribution capabilities. The agenda will focus on the customer experience from shopping for air travel to the actual airport experience.

Bags Inc. Unveils New Website

The new Website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website at We have enhanced the design and functionality of the site, making navigation easier while more effectively highlighting the unique and increasingly popular Bags VIP luggage delivery service.

The launch of the new website is one of many exciting changes taking place at Bags Inc. Over the last year we’ve added three additional major airlines to our growing list of Bags VIP airline partners, increased the number of locations where travelers can use our Bags Remote Airline Check-In service, and strengthened our reputation for providing top-notch customer service.  As we continue to grow and our message continues to spread, more and more travelers are discovering how Bags Inc. can truly Make Travel Easier.

Make sure to check back with us for more exciting news and developments, and as always we would love to hear any feedback you have regarding our new website or our services.

Bags Inc. Welcomes US Airways to the Bags VIP Luggage Delivery Family

Image courtesy US Airways.

Bags Inc., the world leader in luggage delivery and multi-airline remote check-in services, added another airline to the growing list of clients now offering the Bags VIP luggage delivery service. US Airways is the third major US carrier to offer the service directly to their customers.


Bags Inc. Welcomes US Airways to the Bags VIP Luggage

Please see the full press release Bags Inc. Welcomes US Airways to the Bags VIP Luggage Delivery Family for more information.

Images courtesy US Airways.

United Expands Bags VIP to 30 Additional Airports

United Airlines press photo, Baggage Delivery by Bags VIP

In January, Bags Inc. announced that Bags VIP had begun a partnership with United Airlines to offer Luggage Delivery Services by Bags VIP to passengers traveling to six select airports. In February, Scott Wilson, United’s vice president of merchandising and e-commerce said, “Following positive customer response after our first month, we’re pleased to expand our baggage delivery service to 30 additional cities.”

Bags VIP enables passengers to skip baggage claim, and have their luggage delivered to any destination within 100 miles of the arrival airport. In the coming months, United says it plans to expand Baggage Delivery to more than 190 domestic airports.

American Airlines is Modernizing Travel

American Airlines press photo.

American Airlines revealed their new brand, and the new look reflects their effort to modernize travel. AMR Chairman and CEO Tom Horton said, “It’s about creating a more modern and refreshing travel experience for our customers.” American Airlines was the first airline to establish an official partnership with Bags Inc. by offering Baggage Delivery by Bags VIP. With Baggage Delivery by Bags VIP, travelers can skip waiting at baggage claim, and Bags VIP agents deliver their luggage right to their final destination. Bags Inc. believes that Baggage Delivery is an integral part of offering customers a truly modernized travel experience, and we’re proud to be part of American Airlines effort to provide an exceptional level of service to their customers.

American Airline passengers can sign up for Baggage Delivery by BagsVIP.

Media Coverage of Bags VIP for United Airlines

Since January of 2013, Bags Inc. has been offering Luggage Delivery Service by Bags VIP for United Airlines and there has been some good media coverage regarding this partnership. Here are a few news stories featuring the service: