Free Toys for ‘VIP Kids’ at Nathaniel’s Hope Toy Store


Courtesy of Nathaniel’s Hope

Bags Inc. is proud to sponsor the Nathaniel’s Hope toy store event this year. Nathaniel’s Hope, founded in 2002, provides vital services to children with special needs (VIP Kids) and their families. Programs include respite care for the families, “buddy” programs for the children, and Christmas and birthday events held at various children’s hospitals throughout Florida.

In December of each year, Nathaniel’s Hope runs its annual toy store event where families in need can pick up holiday gifts for their VIP kids. Bags Inc. will contribute to this event by picking up and delivering donated toys from 20 Walgreens locations throughout Central Florida. Additionally, we will be present on Friday, December 13th, and Sunday, December 15th, to prepare and serve food for thousands of individuals at the event.

In addition to the annual toy store event, Nathaniel’s Hope also runs two holiday programs called Caroling for Kids and Caroling Caravan.

Here are the descriptions of the events, taken from the Nathaniel’s Hope website:

  1. Caroling for Kids teams share hope and encouragement with patients, families and caregivers at children’s hospitals on Christmas Day through caroling and bearing goodies and gifts!
  2. Caroling Caravan are caroling teams that visit medically fragile VIP kids and their families who are homebound for Christmas.  They deliver Christmas cheer and toys from Nathaniel’s Hope Toy Shop.
  3. Nathaniel’s Toy Shop provides FREE toys at Christmas to VIP families with financial need.

If you would like to participate in any of these events, you can register as a volunteer here. Volunteer opportunities include becoming part of the caroling team, wrapping and delivering gifts, shopping, and child care. You can also help by donating gifts, Christmas treats, candy canes, and small beanie babies, or by providing financial support.

Do you have any stories to share about Nathaniel’s Hope? Do you have any other community programs you would like to recognize?

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