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4 Best Places to Travel Alone

Planning a solo travel trip? You have to visit these best places to travel alone.

Once you experience one of these cities alone, you’ll have a new found love and understanding of not only yourself, but also the world and its many destination spots for solo travelers. What exactly makes a destination a great one for solo travelers? Landscape, history, culture, etc. just to name a few. We like to think that if a place can offer personal growth through experiences alone, then that is enough to want to visit it.

Here are the 4 best places to travel alone:

Portland, Oregon


Is West Coast the best coast? If you’re talking about Portland, Oregon, then you might be right. Portland has become an affordable destination city with its love of both city life and nature. While you’re traveling alone, be sure to stop by this bike-commuting city that believes in this mantra: “Keep Portland Weird.”

Things to do & places to see:

  • See Portland’s skyline by kayaking downtown.
  • Stop and smell the roses—”City of Roses” to be more specific.
  • Fall in love with your favorite book all over again at Powell’s City of Books.
  • People-watch and stroll through Northwest District.

Dublin, Ireland


Ireland’s Cap City and epicenter is so vibrant and full of culture that you won’t even realize you’re alone. Because Ireland is smaller, you can make day trips to other parts of the country to see castles, cliffs, museums and so much more. With its deep rooted history, Dublin is a place you want to visit at least once in a lifetime. Why not make that trip a solo one?

Things to do & places to see:

  • Take in the beauty at Cliffs of Moher.
  • Drink a perfect pint (or several) of Guinness at Guinness Storehouse.
  • The drinking isn’t over yet… Pub crawl, anyone? Meet fellow beer enthusiasts at The Brazen Head.
  • Stay at a hostel to save money and to meet new people.

Toronto, Canada


Looking to splurge a bit on yourself? You deserve it. Toronto can be more expensive than most trips, where prices are comparable to that of NYC or LA. Fortunately, you can save a lot by traveling on foot, by bike or public transportation.

Things to do & places to see:

  • Check out the CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere, and enjoy a hands-free walk on the outside ledge of the tower.
  • Hop on a ferry and see the Toronto islands, a collection of eight islands.
  • Go to one of the best markets in the world, St. Lawrence Market.
  • Expand your mind at one of Toronto’s museums, like Royal Ontario Museum.

San Francisco, California


Whatever happened to predictability? This Full House-embracing city is perfect for solo travelers who want to wind down and relax in a city full of generally happy people. If you enjoy walking, then bring your favorite pair of walking shoes and get ready to fall in love with San Fran.

Things to do & places to see:

  • Experience where the hippie movement derived at Haight-Ashbury.
  • Brunch at one of the best brunch spots, Mission Beach Cafe.
  • Check out the breathtaking and iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Take a much needed hike at Lands End, perhaps the best hike and trail in all of San Fran.


When you travel alone, make even more time for yourself.

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8 Best Travel Apps

Some trips are meant for unplugging, especially when you know the place like the back of your hand, however, most trips are new and exciting, which means you could use a little help―virtual help. For the adventure seekers, world travelers and professional go-getters, this list of the 8 best travel apps is for you. Start downloading in 3… 2… 1…


For itinerary creators: TripIt

If your motto is plan, plan, plan, then that’s just what you’ll do with TripIt. This is like having your personal travel agent in the palm of your hands. You can customize itineraries on your own or you can forward your email confirmations of your flight, hotels, rental cars and other tickets to plans@tripit.com and then watch TripIt construct the itinerary for you.

Download for Apple

Download for Android


For self-proclaimed meteorologists: The Weather Channel

It’s nice to know what the weather is going to be like for wherever you are going so you can prepare your wardrobe and trip accordingly. This is the classic weather app that has a sleek interface, which is very user-friendly. Bonus points for telling users what airport conditions are like near you.

Download for Apple

Download for Android


For social butterflies: Scout GPS 

If you’re one of those travelers who visits a new place and wonders where all the people are, then you’ll find your answer (and potential new friends) with Scout GPS. This app pinpoints neighborhood hot spots, like restaurants, museums, hotels, etc. in your area. Best part? It also finds nearby events, so you can check out local concerts, shows, plays and so much more.

Download for Apple

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For data avoiders: Free Wi-Fi Finder

With the constant worry of using all your data, it’d be nice to finally relax while you’re out of town. Free Wi-Fi Finder by JiWire helps you do just that by locating free wireless connections. You can either search through a directory or just enable the Wi-Fi scanner. You’ll be able to locate the nearest hotspots with the click of a button.

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For memory capturers: Camera360

Taking photos of your trip is the best way to make memories. Unfortunately, we’re not all professional photographers here. Camera360 provides countless editing features to enhance any picture you take. Now you can look back at your photos and remember it as if you were back on vacation.

Download for Apple

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For road warriors: GasBuddy 

Saving time and money is an essential part of any trip, especially when you’re on the road. GasBuddy locates the nearest gas stations and provides approximate pricing. This is useful when you’re running on empty or you just want to find the closest gas station for the most affordable price.

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The Hamptons Lure Uber Top Drivers Amid NYC Slow Summer Weekends

For adventurous riders: Uber

For those who fly and don’t particularly enjoy renting a car, Uber will be your go-to app. Not only are they more affordable than taxis (most of the time), Ubers are also reliable by giving you an ETA and contact information of your Uber driver. They also give you fare estimates, so you don’t have to commit to anything until you’re ready to be picked up.

Download for Apple

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For prepared flyers: GateGuru

There’s nothing worse than layovers and delays, and we feel your pain. Fortunately, GateGuru acts as your own personal airport assistant. Lost and need a map of the terminals? Done. Hungry and need a map of the restaurants in the airport? Done. GateGuru also provides you with average wait times at each terminal’s security checkpoint.

Download for Apple

Download for Android

Once you’ve planned your trip and downloaded your best travel apps…

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Choosing the Right Cruise for You!

Planning your first cruise can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Many people assume that all cruises are the same, except for their destinations. However, there can be much more important factors that determine the success of your vacation than just where you’re going. Are you traveling with a group or as a single? Are you looking for adventure or relaxation? Traveling on a budget? Taking these ideas into consideration can be the difference between making and breaking your trip. Don’t bother shipping luggage! With Bags VIP, we can deliver your bags right to your cabin.

No need for shipping luggage for your cruise – Bags VIP will delivery your bags right do your cabin!

Traveling on a budget: Carnival Cruise Line

If you've considered shipping luggage for your cruise, don't give it another thought - our Bags VIP luggage delivery will delivery your bags right do your cabin.

Image courtesy of jbkalla via Flickr

Carnival favors affordable, three to seven night excursions to lengthy and expensive trips. With popular destinations in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico, you can have an exotic vacation without breaking the bank. With some careful planning and timing, a Carnival cruise can cost you as little as $50 per person per night. In an effort to save you money, Carnival features simple cabins and does not go overboard with extra cost venues on board. For budget rates, avoid holiday periods, especially school vacations, and consider an Early Saver rate, which could knock 20 percent off the price simply by putting a $50 down payment on your trip.

Traveling with Teens: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

If you've considered shipping luggage for your cruise, don't give it another thought - our Bags VIP luggage delivery will delivery your bags right do your cabin.

Image courtesy of Grufnik via Flickr

Every parent knows older kids can be hard to please. They need exciting activities, and lots of them. Royal Caribbean has them. Depending on the ship, your teens can enjoy a bottomless well of energy with rock-climbing walls, zip-lines, ice- and inline-skating, surf simulators, a boxing ring, and basketball and volleyball courts. Onboard youth programs divide kids up by ages in order to provide the most age appropriate entertainment, while still making them feel like adults. With amenities like a Generation Y Spa designed especially for younger generations and their adolescent needs, a teens only “casino,” backstage ship tours, and a no grown-ups allowed club where they can dance, drink “mocktails,” and interact with new friends while parents enjoy their own time.


Traveling with Families & Children: Disney Cruise Line

Image courtesy of Scottwdw via Flickr

Image courtesy of Scottwdw via Flickr

Disney is unique in the cruise industry in that it caters to the needs of the youngest travelers; babies and toddlers. While most ships only allow children six or twelve months old, Disney will accept tots as young as 3 months old. They provide nurseries for little ones up to 3 years old with water play areas just for them. The ships also feature signature Disney characters like Mickey, Goofy and the Princesses who interact with the youngsters during breakfast, tea times and meet-and-greets. With huge play areas designed after their favorite Disney and Pixar movies, lots of high-tech games, and interactive and educational programming, your little ones will never be short on things to do. Cabins and dining establishments are tailored for families, taking into account the practical needs like split bathrooms with tub/shower combos, and the magical wants like restaurants with fairy tale décor.

Mature cruisers: Holland America Line

If you've considered shipping luggage for your cruise, don't give it another thought - our Bags VIP luggage delivery will delivery your bags right do your cabin.

Image courtesy of raginwire via Flickr

With all of today’s loud and crowded ships, some older cruisers may feel out of place on their vacation. Holland America Line offers quiet, relaxing pleasures like a Culinary Arts Center, which focuses on cooking demos, tastings and shore side market tours led by top chefs. You can go on a self-guided art tour on board the ship, or visit the Explorations Café with a library and visiting lecturers speaking on art, history and a variety of other topics. For those wishing to stay active on their vacation, you can enjoy amenities such as a golf putting green, yoga and tennis. Under the brand’s Signatures of Excellence initiative, the line is expanding their ships’ enrichment programs and renovating the public areas and staterooms with comforts such as the Mariner Dream bed and high quality cotton linens.

For singles: Norwegian Cruise Line

If you've considered shipping luggage for your cruise, don't give it another thought - our Bags VIP luggage delivery will delivery your bags right do your cabin.

Image courtesy of Kevin H. via Flickr

In 2010, Norwegian Epic was unveiled featuring 128 Studios, 100-square-foot cabins that are perfect in size and price for parties of one. The ship also offers passengers in this category of cabin a keycard with access to the Living Room, a special lounge with a bar, snacks and activities that facilitate pairing up with fellow single travelers. The ship also offers a plethora of other bars, including the Svedka Ice Bar and Bliss Ultra Lounge, hip entertainment like the Second City improv show and Blue Man Group, and ship wide events such as pub crawls that are perfect for singles, or newly formed couples.

Adventurers Seekers: Lindblad Expeditions

If you've considered shipping luggage for your cruise, don't give it another thought - our Bags VIP luggage delivery will delivery your bags right do your cabin.

Image courtesy of Scott Ableman via Flickr

Looking for an out of the ordinary cruise experience? For the adventurous types, Lindblad Expeditions ventures to not so ordinary destinations like the Arctic, Antarctica, Galapagos, Amazon and other less-mainstream cruise destinations. On trips to the arctic, passengers travel aboard an ice-class vessel that plows through icy waters for extraordinary views of polar bears and other arctic wildlife. Its Cape Horn-to-Cape of Good Hope excursion that follows the path of ancient surveyors and circumnavigators. On trips to Antarctica, National Geographic naturalists, marine specialists and photographers live on board, offering insights and information to the passengers. For the most adventurous travelers, the cruise line is equipped with sea kayaks and underwater cameras for close up views. The company also advances sustainable practices and supports many conservation programs in the fragile destinations it visits.

No matter which vacation you choose, we can help make your travels easier. Most cruise lines offer onboard airline check-in services that allow guests to check-in for flights, receive boarding passes, and check luggage all from aboard the ship. Bags VIP luggage delivery service can also be added for additional convenience when guests travel to and from the port. Bags VIP luggage delivery allows you to bypass baggage claim after your flight and begin making the most of your vacation right away, without the burden of luggage. For more information on these services, click here.

Like this post? So did we! To read more, please visit cruisecritic.

Bags Inc. Year-In-Review 2013

Bags Inc.

To say that this has been a busy year for Bags Inc. would be a major understatement. In our more than 20 year history of making travel easier, 2013 will go down as one of the company’s most eventful years.

We first began offering our Bags VIP luggage delivery service in 2012, available out of a limited number of airports for passengers flying on select airlines. Now, in 2013 — after the establishment of partnerships with the major U.S. airlines — we are able to offer the Bags VIP service at more than 250 U.S. airports across every state.

In addition to the expansion of Bags VIP, we have also expanded our Bags Airline Check-In service in 2013 by forming new partnerships across the country. Highlights include the first partnership between Bags Inc. and a shopping center, where we provide concierge services and remote airline check-in service to guests at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago. We’ve also brought the convenience of remote airline check-in to Las Vegas resorts and casinos, additional cruise lines, additional hotels, and many more.

Not to be outdone, Bags Parking & Guest Services had a busy year in 2013 providing parking management, valet, and guest services for numerous events and conferences, including UCF basketball games, the press conference announcing the addition of Orlando City Soccer Club as Major League Soccer’s 21st team, and many more. Bags Parking & Guest Services has also established several new partnerships with major hotels and resorts.   

This rapid expansion of services — all in the name of making travel easier — also required the expansion of our staff and the establishment of a more robust online presence. In 2013, we launched our new consumer website along with rejuvenated social media channels. Now, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and our Bags Inc. blog for travel advice and company news. And — to complete our online revamp — we introduced our new corporate website to better explain to our business partners the many benefits of partnering with Bags Inc.

We’ve had many successes in 2013, but we’re looking forward to the coming year where big plans are in the works. At Bags Inc., we always find new ways to accomplish our mission, so stay tuned for even easier travel in 2014.  

Bags Inc. Launches Corporate Website

Bags Inc.

We are excited to have reached another critical milestone in an eventful year: the launch of our new corporate website, located at www.bagsinc.com. The previous year has seen the establishment of many new partnerships, the expansion of our operations, and updates to our consumer website, among many other exciting changes taking place during a period of substantial growth.

Looking back, we’ve come a long way since our beginnings as a small valet parking company in Orlando, growing into a nationwide provider of innovative delivery, hospitality, and airport services. We now operate in more than 250 U.S. cities, employ more than 4,000 dedicated team members, and handle more than 5 million bags per year, finding new ways to answer the same question on which the company was founded: “How can we Make Travel Easier?”

The answers to that simple question are more than 20 years in the making, driving the development of innovative travel and hospitality solutions for businesses of any category and size. We hope that our corporate website adequately illustrates those solutions, and that our future business partners will discover the many benefits of partnering with Bags Inc.

Bags Inc. Partners with Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel to Offer Complimentary Airline Check-In


There are many reasons to choose the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel: short, complimentary shuttle rides to the Atlanta Airport, proximity to many of Atlanta’s most popular attractions, and several amenities for a convenient and relaxing stay. Now, add airline check-in to the list.

Bags Inc., in partnership with the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel, is pleased to offer complimentary airline check-in services. Guests can visit the Bags Airline Check-In desk in the hotel lobby, check their luggage, receive their boarding passes, and proceed to the airport luggage-free. Bags Inc. agents will safely and securely transport guests’ luggage to the airport for screening and loading onto the plane.

Remote airline check-in is another example of how Bags Inc. continues to Make Travel Easier. Combined with our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, our vision of luggage-free travel is being realized across the country.

Will airline check-in become the new standard in hotel services? Tell your favorite hotel you want the convenience of Bags Airline Check-In!



Bags Inc. Unveils New Website

The new MakeTravelEasier.com Website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website at www.maketraveleasier.com. We have enhanced the design and functionality of the site, making navigation easier while more effectively highlighting the unique and increasingly popular Bags VIP luggage delivery service.

The launch of the new website is one of many exciting changes taking place at Bags Inc. Over the last year we’ve added three additional major airlines to our growing list of Bags VIP airline partners, increased the number of locations where travelers can use our Bags Remote Airline Check-In service, and strengthened our reputation for providing top-notch customer service.  As we continue to grow and our message continues to spread, more and more travelers are discovering how Bags Inc. can truly Make Travel Easier.

Make sure to check back with us for more exciting news and developments, and as always we would love to hear any feedback you have regarding our new website or our services.

Bags Inc. Brings Airline Check-in Service to Its First Mall Location

Image courtesy Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

Image courtesy Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

Orlando based Bags Inc., the world leader in luggage delivery and multi-airline remote check-in services, embarked into the mall services business by launching its innovative concierge service that includes Bags Airline Check-In and Bags VIP Luggage Delivery services. The Bags services will be offered when the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, the first fully-enclosed outlet mall built in Chicago in more than two decades, opens its doors today.

Please see the full press release Bags Inc. Brings Airline Check-In Service to its First Mall Location for more information.