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We Service More Than 250 Airports Nationwide

It’s one thing to just say we service over 250 airports nationwide; it’s another to illustrate it. So we put together this map on Pinterest indicating all the locations at which you can utilize our Bags VIP luggage delivery service. The service is a great alternative to shipping luggage or shipping golf clubs. No matter where in the country you fly to, chances are we are there. Let us pick up your bags and deliver them to the location of your choice so that you can skip baggage claim and head to your hotel, home, or any other destination within 100 miles of these airports.

We service over 250 airports nationwide so there's no need for shipping luggage or shipping golf clubs.

We service over 250 airports nationwide so there's no need for shipping luggage or shipping golf clubs.

Top 5 Travel Myths Debunked

The do’s and don’ts of travel are usually pretty straightforward. Get to the airport early. Put your tray tables up when you land. Don’t lose your passport. However, there are many things we hear about what to do when traveling that seem strange, or even just nonsensical. Below, we will discuss 5 common myths and half truths about what to do or not do when on a trip. Follow these tips and skip the hassle of shipping luggage by using Bags VIP luggage delivery – advice that will make travel easier.

1)    Jet lag is a result of a lack of sleep:

Follow these tips and skip the hassle of shipping luggage by using Bags VIP luggage delivery - advice that will make travel easier.

Image courtesy of BVStarr via Flickr

This is one of the most common myths about traveling by plane. The feeling of jet lag is often attributed to early and late flight times depriving travelers of sleep. The swift changes in time zones can indeed disrupt your daily schedule and make it difficult to sleep during a flight. However, the kind of jet lag that stays with a traveler for several days after a flight has almost nothing to do with the amount of sleep you get on the plane. Jet lag results from changes to your body’s circadian rhythm.  Your circadian rhythm is the internal clock that tells your body when you’re hungry and when to go to the bathroom. It even regulates body temperature and blood pressure. The timing of this natural cycle is impacted significantly by cues your body gets from exposure to daylight.  In different time zones, those daylight cues occur at different times and your body is forced to re-synchronize its patterns. The easiest way to lessen the effects of jet lag is to begin timing your in-flight and pre-flight sleeping and eating patterns with the time zone at your destination.

2)    Last minute deals on booking:

Follow these tips and skip the hassle of shipping luggage by using Bags VIP luggage delivery - advice that will make travel easier.

Image courtesy of Sonia Belviso via Flickr

This is a travel myth that used to be true, and occasionally still can be, but relying on it to be true will cost you money in the modern world of travel. In years past, holding out until the last minute to buy airline tickets could help you get the best prices because airlines would rush to fill their empty seats at any price. Now, with better search engines, record travel levels, and more sold out flights, this cannot be counted upon. According to industry experts, looking for special deals (usually four to eight weeks before the flight) is the best option for saving some money when booking a flight. Once in a while you can still find a deal at the last minute, but those deals are becoming fewer and farther between.

3)     Your cellphone could crash the plane:

Follow these tips and skip the hassle of shipping luggage by using Bags VIP luggage delivery - advice that will make travel easier.

Image courtesy of sam_churchill via Flickr

“Please power down all electronic devices.” Ever heard this before? Since as far back as 1990, the use of cell phones on flights has been banned for fear that they would interfere with the planes’ instruments and cause accidents. Though the ban is still in effect, a study done by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2006 could not find a correlation between phone use and flight accidents. However, they were also unable to prove conclusively that phones did not lead to accidents and the ban has remained in effect.  So, is it a myth or not?  The trend seems to be toward agreement that this is in fact a myth. Today, more and more airlines are allowing in flight calls and access to mobile devices, with no reports of them having caused accidents to date

4)    Guided tours are inauthentic:

Follow these tips and skip the hassle of shipping luggage by using Bags VIP luggage delivery - advice that will make travel easier.

Image courtesy of blondinrikard via Flickr

Many people feel that guided tours are a superficial and “touristy” experience. They would rather have the experience of independently exploring a new city, to get a real feeling of having been somewhere new. However, well organized tours with an informed guide can enhance the experience of a new place, and provide knowledge and insights you may miss if exploring by yourself. A good local tour guide can shed light on which places you should visit, which you should avoid, and can provide an experience that is unavailable to the independent traveler.

5)    The airline will lose your luggage:

Lots of people worry about leaving their bags at the check-in desk and never getting them back.Follow these tips and skip the hassle of shipping luggage by using Bags VIP luggage delivery - advice that will make travel easier. In reality, only between one and two percent of luggage that is checked gets “lost.” Also, most of the luggage in that statistic is really only delayed, not lost, and gets returned to the owner within a matter of hours, or days in the worst cases. A bag actually getting lost is quite rare. You can help reduce any chance of your luggage being lost by checking it early, and including contact information on your suitcase. Be sure to clearly display your email address as well as your physical one.

So next time you decide to travel, make sure you know fact from fiction, so you can make the most of your trip. Have a myth of your own? Share it with us!

Bags VIP for International Travel

Bags VIP luggage delivery is available for international travelers arriving in the U.S. from airports with Pre-Clearance, like Vancouver (image courtesy Ed Bierman via Flickr).

Bags VIP luggage delivery is available for international travelers arriving in the U.S. from airports with Pre-Clearance, like Vancouver (image courtesy Ed Bierman via Flickr).

While Bags VIP is available for most domestic flights, you may not know that Bags VIP is also available for select international flights arriving in the U.S. Since the subject of international travel is a little trickier, it requires a bit more explanation.

First, Bags VIP is available only at U.S. airports. For the complete list of more than 250 participating U.S. airports, see our locations. Bags VIP is not currently available at any airports outside of the U.S.

In general, for international flights arriving at U.S. airports, the Bags VIP service is not available due to U.S. Customs and Border Protection policies. Our agents are not authorized to collect luggage, from an international flight, that has not been inspected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

However, there are three scenarios in which the Bags VIP service is available to passengers on international flights arriving at one of the more than 250 participating U.S. airports.

Pre-Clearance is available at Dublin Airport. Image courtesy ozz13x via Flickr.

Pre-Clearance is available at Dublin Airport. Image courtesy ozz13x via Flickr.

  1. The originating airport is located in a U.S. territory and the luggage does not have to clear customs.
  2. The international airport operates U.S. border pre-clearance (here is the complete list of pre-clearance airports) and the luggage does not have to clear customs.
  3. The departing international flight has a connecting flight within the U.S. As long as the final destination flight arrives at a participating U.S. airport from another U.S. airport — even if the original flight departs from an international location — the Bags VIP service is available.

If you’re still unsure, you can always ask one of our customer service representatives. We can be reached 24/7 by dialing 1-877-847-0045 or by emailing bagsvip@maketraveleasier.com.

Bags Inc. Year-In-Review 2013

Bags Inc.

To say that this has been a busy year for Bags Inc. would be a major understatement. In our more than 20 year history of making travel easier, 2013 will go down as one of the company’s most eventful years.

We first began offering our Bags VIP luggage delivery service in 2012, available out of a limited number of airports for passengers flying on select airlines. Now, in 2013 — after the establishment of partnerships with the major U.S. airlines — we are able to offer the Bags VIP service at more than 250 U.S. airports across every state.

In addition to the expansion of Bags VIP, we have also expanded our Bags Airline Check-In service in 2013 by forming new partnerships across the country. Highlights include the first partnership between Bags Inc. and a shopping center, where we provide concierge services and remote airline check-in service to guests at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago. We’ve also brought the convenience of remote airline check-in to Las Vegas resorts and casinos, additional cruise lines, additional hotels, and many more.

Not to be outdone, Bags Parking & Guest Services had a busy year in 2013 providing parking management, valet, and guest services for numerous events and conferences, including UCF basketball games, the press conference announcing the addition of Orlando City Soccer Club as Major League Soccer’s 21st team, and many more. Bags Parking & Guest Services has also established several new partnerships with major hotels and resorts.   

This rapid expansion of services — all in the name of making travel easier — also required the expansion of our staff and the establishment of a more robust online presence. In 2013, we launched our new consumer website along with rejuvenated social media channels. Now, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and our Bags Inc. blog for travel advice and company news. And — to complete our online revamp — we introduced our new corporate website to better explain to our business partners the many benefits of partnering with Bags Inc.

We’ve had many successes in 2013, but we’re looking forward to the coming year where big plans are in the works. At Bags Inc., we always find new ways to accomplish our mission, so stay tuned for even easier travel in 2014.  

5 Ways Bags VIP Makes Holiday Travel Easier

Baggage Claim

Traveling for the holidays is no easy task: fighting through the crowds, transporting gifts and luggage, and contending with traffic are all formidable challenges. But challenging or not, many of us refuse to sacrifice the opportunity to re-connect with family or to visit popular holiday destinations.

If you are one of the courageous travelers confronting these challenges, we wanted to take the time to let you know how Bags VIP can make the process more tolerable. Here are 5 ways Bags VIP can make holiday travel easier.

1. Bypass baggage claim and get to your destination faster

When your flight lands, you do not want to be trapped in a crowd like the one pictured above. Waiting for your bags at baggage claim could add hours to your trip, not to mention the inconvenience of fighting through the crowds with your luggage.

With Bags VIP, our agents will retrieve your luggage from baggage claim and deliver it to your destination so that you can leave the airport as quickly as possible.

2. No fighting through the airport crowds with luggage

Fighting your way through the airport crowds is difficult enough without hauling around large bags and having to load them into your vehicle or onto the bus. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on getting to your destination quicker and easier.

3. No need to transport gifts from baggage claim to your destination

If you’re visiting family, chances are you’re bringing gifts, and if you’re flying, you’ll need to pack and check those gifts on your flight. Since bags VIP can deliver up to 8 bags per order, you won’t have to limit your holiday generosity.

4. No need to transport gifts or holiday purchases from baggage claim to your home

If you’re on the receiving end of that holiday generosity, you’ll need a way to get all of your gifts back home. Once again, that means packing and checking bags. With Bags VIP, you can end your trip hassle-free while we deliver your gifts or purchases right to your front door.

5. Take home some of your favorite holiday food

You only have once or twice a year to enjoy your family’s famous holiday recipes, so why not take full advantage? Do you have some extra room in your suitcase, or better yet, do you have an empty suitcase? Stuff it with your favorite food, check it on your flight, and let us deliver it to your doorstep.

Are you one of the bold holiday travelers this season? Where are you headed? How would you use Bags VIP to make your trip easier?

Bags Inc. Launches Corporate Website

Bags Inc.

We are excited to have reached another critical milestone in an eventful year: the launch of our new corporate website, located at www.bagsinc.com. The previous year has seen the establishment of many new partnerships, the expansion of our operations, and updates to our consumer website, among many other exciting changes taking place during a period of substantial growth.

Looking back, we’ve come a long way since our beginnings as a small valet parking company in Orlando, growing into a nationwide provider of innovative delivery, hospitality, and airport services. We now operate in more than 250 U.S. cities, employ more than 4,000 dedicated team members, and handle more than 5 million bags per year, finding new ways to answer the same question on which the company was founded: “How can we Make Travel Easier?”

The answers to that simple question are more than 20 years in the making, driving the development of innovative travel and hospitality solutions for businesses of any category and size. We hope that our corporate website adequately illustrates those solutions, and that our future business partners will discover the many benefits of partnering with Bags Inc.

Checking In for the Holidays

Happy Holidays

By Marcus Quigmire from Florida, USA (happy Holidays Uploaded by Princess Mérida) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

In anticipation of the busy 2013 holiday travel season, many people think that packing light is the only option for air travel. The problem is, the holiday season is the least-suited time for traveling light.

What if you want to bring your Christmas tree with you wherever you’re headed? What if you want to take back some family-favorite foods on the return flight? What if you have multiple gifts to deliver, or you need to get your Black Friday purchases back home? As it turns out, you can check many of these items on your flight, and Bags VIP will deliver them for you.

While you should confirm with your specific airline, you can travel with many holiday items including ice skates, snow globes, Christmas trees, pies and cakes, antlers, food items, and gifts.

So the next time you have holiday items to transport, use the service that even Santa wished he had used: Bags VIP!

What holiday items have you checked in on a flight? If you could fill a suitcase with your favorite holiday food, what would it be?


Bags VIP vs. Shipping Ahead

Baggage Claim

By Kprateek88 (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve built the entire Bags VIP concept around the virtues of bypassing baggage claim. But you may ask, why use Bags VIP when you could achieve the same result using a luggage shipping service that picks up your luggage directly from your home?

To answer this question, we compared Bags VIP with three major luggage shipping companies in two categories: (1) price, and (2) convenience.


To evaluate pricing, we created three separate shipping scenarios with different combinations of items. We then compared the rates for Bags VIP with those of Luggage Forward, Lugless, and Luggage Free.*

Pricing for Luggage Forward, Lugless, and Luggage Free includes shipment charges for each item; pricing for Bags VIP includes delivery charges and airline baggage fees (airline baggage fees obtained from one of Bags’ major airline partners).

Scenario 1: One small bag and one set of golf clubs

Shipping one small bag and one standard set of golf clubs would cost the following:

Bags VIP: $79.95

Luggage Forward: $158.00

Lugless: $148.00

Luggage Free: $153.75

Using Bags VIP in this scenario would save you an average of $73.30, or 48%, versus shipping ahead.

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15 Time-Saving Tips for Business Travel


By Kitt Hodsden [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to retrieve your luggage at airport baggage claim. That’s 1-to-1.5 hours, every trip, of accomplishing nothing other than waiting for bags to make their way around a carousel. Factor in the time we spend packing, checking-in for flights, booking rental cars, filling out expense reports, and forgetting where we parked, and we’re left with disconcertingly little time for actual business.

You may have a sense for where we’re going with this: a recommendation to register for our Bags VIP luggage delivery service. You saw that coming.

But we’re going to take it a step further: while our Bags VIP service saves a significant amount of time and adds substantial convenience, it is only one part of a larger time-saving travel strategy. We’ve amassed a list of time-saving travel tips that, when combined our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, have the potential to save an enormous amount of business-travel time.

Here are 15 start-to-finish time-saving tips for business travel:

  1. Enroll in our Bags VIP luggage delivery service – Bags VIP allows you to bypass baggage claim while our agents deliver your luggage – saving you up to 30-45 minutes every time you fly. We can even deliver equipment so you don’t have to worry about things like shipping golf clubs or skis ahead.
  2. Keep a packed bag – if you travel on business frequently, maintaining a packed bag at all times can save several hours of last minute packing.
  3. Seek out the most direct travel routes – not necessarily the most inexpensive option, but you could save a couple of hours if you can book a direct flight or can fly out of a regional airport rather than a more prominent one.
  4. Check-in for your flight online – avoid long airport check-in lines and print your boarding passes from home. Also, checking-in online will allow you to select your seats on the flight, which could get you off the plane quicker if the seat is located near the front.
  5. Consider obtaining a Clear Security Pass – this pass provides access to faster airport security lines, eliminating the need for early arrival or providing you with more time in the airport to review that sales presentation.
  6. Enroll in frequent flyer programs – if you’re loyal to a particular airline, accumulating frequent flyer miles may grant you access to faster check-in lines, priority boarding, and free upgrades.
  7. Save time moving through airport security – Use a clear Ziploc bag to carry keys, wallets, phones, and any other items you would normally carry in your pockets. That way, you can have security screen all of your items at once without having to fumble through your pockets loading and unloading the security bins.
  8. Use the hotel concierge – utilize the hotel concierge to make advanced dinner reservations so you won’t have to allot any time to meal planning when you arrive.
  9. Use mobile expense reporting – rather than wasting time manually filling out paperwork, complete it on-the-go with an online expense application. For example, with Concur for Mobile, you can book itineraries, capture receipts, and submit expense reports all from your smartphone or tablet.
  10. Consider an airport VIP lounge pass – if you can’t avoid time spent at the airport, due to either flight delays or layovers, an airport VIP lounge is a quiet and comfortable place to get some work done. Equipped with Wi-Fi and conference rooms, you can squeeze in some business between flights.
  11. Get around quicker – if you’re renting a car, consider enrolling in any available frequent rental programs for a quicker check-in process. Also, ensure that the rental car facility is located in the airport and not at an off-site address. This will prevent wasted time commuting from the airport to the rental car facility.
  12. Pre-program your GPS – taking the time to pre-program addresses into your GPS before arrival can save commuting time.
  13. Keep organized – designate one folder for all travel related documents such as itineraries, boarding passes, and receipts. You’ve worked hard to save time using the other strategies; don’t waste time on something as simple as not being able to find a document.
  14. Park smarter – searching for your parked car after your flight lands is not a good use of time. Many airports offer parking plans and valet services that can speed vehicle retrieval. If you want to avoid the expense, simply take a photo of the lot with your smart phone for reference.
  15. Register for our Bags VIP luggage delivery service for the return flight – bypass baggage claim and head home while we deliver your bags.

Individually, some tips have more time-saving potential than others; collectively, their time-saving potential is enormous. Using a Clear Security Pass will get you through security quicker on departure, booking Bags VIP luggage delivery service will get you past baggage claim on arrival, and between the two services a significant amount of time has been saved on both legs of the trip. Incorporate the other recommendations and you’ll now have the time to start adding additional meetings to every business trip.

Let’s see how long we can grow this list: share your time-saving travel tips with us.



Bags VIP Delivers More than Just Your Standard Suitcase

Organ & Golf Clubs

By Alan Levine from Strawberry, United States (Clubs and Keys Uploaded by clusternote) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Bags VIP is the perfect solution for skipping baggage claim and making the most of your trip—while our trusted agents retrieve and deliver your bags directly to the location of your choice. But did you know that, with the exception of your pet, Bags VIP can deliver just about any item that can be checked on a passenger flight?*

Here are some examples of items that Bags VIP can deliver—above and beyond the standard suitcase.

  • Sporting equipment
    • baseball bats
    • golf clubs
    • hockey sticks
    • skis
    • pool cues
    • lacrosse sticks
    • tennis rackets
    • fishing rods
    • bicycles
  • Power tools
  • Video equipment
  • Telescopes
  • Musical equipment
    • Guitars
    • Violins
    • Amplifiers
  • Car seats and strollers
  • Full suits of armor

And yes, someone actually has checked-in a full suit of armor. See the CNN article “10 weird things found in unclaimed luggage.” And remember, no matter how weird, if you can check it we can probably deliver it.

What is the weirdest item you’ve seen checked-in on a commercial airline?


*With the exception of live animals, as long as your baggage meets travel guidelines for checked baggage traveling on the major airline carriers and is within 100 miles of the arrival airport, it is eligible for delivery. Detailed restrictions are covered in our Terms and Conditions section of our website.

For a comprehensive list of items that can and cannot be transported on a passenger flight, visit the TSA website.