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No Need for Groups to Ship Luggage – Use Bags VIP Luggage Delivery

Bags VIP luggage delivery service for group travel meetings conventionsPlanning a big vacation with a group this year? Or perhaps you are coordinating a meeting or convention. We know traveling can be hectic, especially with large groups. Don’t bother to ship luggage. Use Bags VIP luggage delivery and bypass baggage claim, so you can make the most of your vacation or business trip the moment you step off the plane – without the burden of luggage.

Why choose Bags VIP?

Bags Inc. can offer customized group travel solutions for companies of any size and type – that’s what makes us unique. We can combine and adapt any of our services to meet your specific needs, deploying customizable technology and cross-trained customer service agents that can provide any of our services. And with great rates starting at $49.95 for 3 to 8 pieces of luggage, you and your group can save money and hassle on your get away.

It’s easier than paying to ship luggage?

Yes, using Bags VIP is so easy!

  • Your group travel organizer provides the travel manifest for all group passengers.
  • We will mail custom luggage tags with detailed instructions to each attendee, who check their bags at the airport as usual.
  • Attendees can then bypass baggage claim when they arrive at their destination airport, going directly to their event or conference.
  • Our agents retrieve the group’s luggage at baggage claim and deliver it to the hotel or venue.

Along the way, travelers receive email updates on delivery status and have access to 24/7 customer service and support.

Bags VIP luggage delivery service for group travel meetings conventions

Can I use it on my return flight?

Yes! The return flight is just as easy. Attendees flying into one of the more than 250 airports we serve have have the option of using our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, allowing them to, once again, bypass baggage claim (and the hassles of arranging and paying to ship luggage) and let our agents retrieve and deliver your luggage to any address within 100 miles of the airport.

Major airlines, cruise lines, and world-famous resorts trust Bags to handle their customers’ luggage every day – more than 5 million bags each year. So, whether you need travel services for hotels, resorts, large corporations, travel agencies, cruise lines, airlines, universities, shopping malls, or other establishments – we have a personalized solution for you.