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How to Pack a Suit

In order to successfully pack a suit, you need to learn how to fold one.

Folding a suit can be tricky. Some may say there’s an art or science behind it—and we like to think there is, too. Here is our step-by-step tutorial on how to fold, and pack, a suit.

First, grab your sports jacket/blazer and lie it down on a flat surface with the front of it facing down.


Then, fold over each arm of the jacket.


Be sure to flatten and smooth the sides down to prevent potential wrinkles.


Once you have a flat and wrinkle-free jacket, grab your pants and fold them.


Place your folded pants on top of the jacket, then fold the jacket over.


Now you have a neatly folded jacket, pants included.


And, viola! Your suit is ready to be packed in your suitcase.


Not enough space on your carry-on for your neatly folded suit?

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Bags Travel Tip: How to Pack A Suit from Bags Inc. on Vimeo.