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4 Best Places to Travel Alone

Planning a solo travel trip? You have to visit these best places to travel alone.

Once you experience one of these cities alone, you’ll have a new found love and understanding of not only yourself, but also the world and its many destination spots for solo travelers. What exactly makes a destination a great one for solo travelers? Landscape, history, culture, etc. just to name a few. We like to think that if a place can offer personal growth through experiences alone, then that is enough to want to visit it.

Here are the 4 best places to travel alone:

Portland, Oregon


Is West Coast the best coast? If you’re talking about Portland, Oregon, then you might be right. Portland has become an affordable destination city with its love of both city life and nature. While you’re traveling alone, be sure to stop by this bike-commuting city that believes in this mantra: “Keep Portland Weird.”

Things to do & places to see:

  • See Portland’s skyline by kayaking downtown.
  • Stop and smell the roses—”City of Roses” to be more specific.
  • Fall in love with your favorite book all over again at Powell’s City of Books.
  • People-watch and stroll through Northwest District.

Dublin, Ireland


Ireland’s Cap City and epicenter is so vibrant and full of culture that you won’t even realize you’re alone. Because Ireland is smaller, you can make day trips to other parts of the country to see castles, cliffs, museums and so much more. With its deep rooted history, Dublin is a place you want to visit at least once in a lifetime. Why not make that trip a solo one?

Things to do & places to see:

  • Take in the beauty at Cliffs of Moher.
  • Drink a perfect pint (or several) of Guinness at Guinness Storehouse.
  • The drinking isn’t over yet… Pub crawl, anyone? Meet fellow beer enthusiasts at The Brazen Head.
  • Stay at a hostel to save money and to meet new people.

Toronto, Canada


Looking to splurge a bit on yourself? You deserve it. Toronto can be more expensive than most trips, where prices are comparable to that of NYC or LA. Fortunately, you can save a lot by traveling on foot, by bike or public transportation.

Things to do & places to see:

  • Check out the CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere, and enjoy a hands-free walk on the outside ledge of the tower.
  • Hop on a ferry and see the Toronto islands, a collection of eight islands.
  • Go to one of the best markets in the world, St. Lawrence Market.
  • Expand your mind at one of Toronto’s museums, like Royal Ontario Museum.

San Francisco, California


Whatever happened to predictability? This Full House-embracing city is perfect for solo travelers who want to wind down and relax in a city full of generally happy people. If you enjoy walking, then bring your favorite pair of walking shoes and get ready to fall in love with San Fran.

Things to do & places to see:

  • Experience where the hippie movement derived at Haight-Ashbury.
  • Brunch at one of the best brunch spots, Mission Beach Cafe.
  • Check out the breathtaking and iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Take a much needed hike at Lands End, perhaps the best hike and trail in all of San Fran.


When you travel alone, make even more time for yourself.

And skip baggage claim. Bags VIP Luggage Delivery will deliver your bags to your destination. Whether it’s Portland, Dublin, Toronto or San Fran, we’ve got it covered.

Pick 5: Not-to-be-Missed Summer Food & Wine Festivals

Don’t ship luggage or wait at the airport – make the most of your trip to the Aspen Food & Wine Classic!

Food + Wine Classic in Aspen, CO. Image courtesy Huge Galdones via foodandwine.com.

Last weekend – Memorial Day – marked the unofficial start of Summer. With the change of seasons comes an annual crop of festivals dedicated to food, wine, and fun. We pick five that stand out from the crowd. So go ahead and make those travel plans – spend your Summer sampling craft brew and sweet corn, not stuck in the airport or waiting to ship luggage. Cheers and bon appétit!

Don’t ship luggage or wait at the airport – make the most of your festival trip!

Kentucky Bourbon Festival | Bardstown, KY – September 16-21
This week-long event is comprised of more than thirty events dedicated to celebrating the history and art of distilling bourbon whiskey. The festival draws more than 50,000 visitors and is held in the heart of Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. Historical tours, live music, and, most importantly, tastings, are held throughout the six-day event. >> Read more
Getting there: fly into Louisville International Airport

Don’t ship luggage or wait at the airport – make the most of your trip to the Sweet Corn Festival in West Point, Iowa!

Image courtesy Flickr user Brian Giesen.

West Point Sweet Corn Festival | West Point, IA – August 7-10
Started in 1952, West Point’s Sweet Corn Festival is one of the largest in the country. The festival boasts arts and crafts, carnival rides, and free hot, buttered sweet corn for attendees. The town hosts a large parade, tractor pull, and a shuckfest, where more than 18 tons of 2500 ears per ton are shucked in record time. >> Read more
Getting there: fly into Quad City International Airport

Don’t ship luggage or wait at the airport – make the most of your trip to the Oregon Brewers Festival.

Image courtesy Flickr user TheDigitel Beaufort.

Oregon Brewers Festival | Portland, OR – July 23-27
The Oregon Brewers Festival features more than 80 different beers from around the country. A specialty ten pours another 40+ beers. An anticipated crowd of 80,000 will be on hand for the 27th annual event. The festivities kick off with a brunch and parade that winds its way from one of Portland’s most beloved breweries to the festival grounds. This event is the ultimate celebration of craft beer! >> Read more
Getting there: fly into Portland International Airport

Don’t ship luggage or wait at the airport – make the most of your trip to the Whoopie Pie Festival.

Image courtesy Flickr user Alison Fayre.

Whoopie Pie Festival | Strasburg, PA – September 6
This annual event features more than 100 kinds of whoopie pie flavors. Whoopie pies are a popular treat in Pennsylvania and are made of two round mound-shaped pieces of cake with a sweet, creamy filling or frosting sandwiched between them. The event is held at the Hershey Farm Restaurant & Inn, a 23-acre farm, hotel, and restaurant that features shopping, walking trails, a bakery, and more, all located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. >> Read more
Getting there: fly into Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley or Philadelphia International Airport

Food & Wine Classic | Aspen, CO – June 20-22
The premier event for Food & Wine Magazine is the Food & Wine Classic, held each year in Aspen, Colorado. This signature event brings together the world’s foremost authorities on wine and food at over 80 cooking demonstrations and wine seminars. In addition, over 300 wines and luxury lifestyle brands gather together in the Grand Tasting Pavilion, the epicenter of the event, to feature and sample their newest products. >> Read more
Getting there: fly into Aspen-Pitkin County Airport