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5 Ways to Survive a Red-Eye Flight











The best way to survive a red-eye flight is to get some sleep. If you have personally been a victim of getting no sleep during a red-eye flight, please raise your hand.

Now put down your hand, and your head, because these 5 tips will help you get through your next overnight flight:

Red-Eye Tip One: Dress to Impress Your Bed

Being a respectable and professional human being that you are, you would never go out in public wearing pajamas. And we’re not telling you to, however, wearing a suit or even jeans is unnecessary. People often say, “Look good. Feel good,” but we believe in this mantra: Look comfortable. Feel comfortable. Your bed wouldn’t judge you for wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, and neither will the other passengers who, if are smart, are wearing the exact same thing.

Red-Eye Tip Two: Choose the Window

If you are a frequent bathroom user, please disregard this tip. For the rest of us, always choose the window seat. Bring a pillow, prop it against the window, and Viola! You have created your own little sleeping area. And if you forget a pillow, use your sweatshirt (thank God you dressed so comfortably) or a blanket. With a window seat, you won’t have to worry about other passengers walking by or accidentally using the person next to you as a pillow.

Red-Eye Tip Three: Avoid Caffeine

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Caffeine before flying is what creates the “Chatty Cathy.” Meeting new and interesting people on flights might be great and all, but save that for the birds. Most of us just want to get some rest, and being a Chatty Cathy or sitting next to one on a red-eye will prevent that from happening.

Red-Eye Tip Four: Say No to Connecting Flights

Question: What’s worse than trying to get some sleep on a flight? Answer: Trying to fall asleep on two or more flights. You have a big presentation as soon as you land… Why risk blowing it by not getting enough rest? We recommend shelling out a few extra bucks to avoid connections. Trust us—you and your job will thank us later.

Red-Eye Tip Five: Relieve Stress Before Your Flight

For some of us, falling asleep on flights is solely based upon whether or not we’re comfortable enough. For others, getting sleep anywhere is a struggle, especially with a thousand things on our minds every day. Prepare for your trip before taking off by handling the little things we always forget. Figure out where the closest Starbucks is to your hotel with an app like Foodspotting. Find out how far the airport is from where you are staying and schedule a ride that is most convenient, like Uber. Use a reliable luggage delivery service, such as Bags, so you don’t have to worry about your suitcase being lost. The less you worry, the more you’ll sleep.