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8 Best Travel Apps

Some trips are meant for unplugging, especially when you know the place like the back of your hand, however, most trips are new and exciting, which means you could use a little help―virtual help. For the adventure seekers, world travelers and professional go-getters, this list of the 8 best travel apps is for you. Start downloading in 3… 2… 1…


For itinerary creators: TripIt

If your motto is plan, plan, plan, then that’s just what you’ll do with TripIt. This is like having your personal travel agent in the palm of your hands. You can customize itineraries on your own or you can forward your email confirmations of your flight, hotels, rental cars and other tickets to plans@tripit.com and then watch TripIt construct the itinerary for you.

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For self-proclaimed meteorologists: The Weather Channel

It’s nice to know what the weather is going to be like for wherever you are going so you can prepare your wardrobe and trip accordingly. This is the classic weather app that has a sleek interface, which is very user-friendly. Bonus points for telling users what airport conditions are like near you.

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For social butterflies: Scout GPS 

If you’re one of those travelers who visits a new place and wonders where all the people are, then you’ll find your answer (and potential new friends) with Scout GPS. This app pinpoints neighborhood hot spots, like restaurants, museums, hotels, etc. in your area. Best part? It also finds nearby events, so you can check out local concerts, shows, plays and so much more.

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For data avoiders: Free Wi-Fi Finder

With the constant worry of using all your data, it’d be nice to finally relax while you’re out of town. Free Wi-Fi Finder by JiWire helps you do just that by locating free wireless connections. You can either search through a directory or just enable the Wi-Fi scanner. You’ll be able to locate the nearest hotspots with the click of a button.

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For memory capturers: Camera360

Taking photos of your trip is the best way to make memories. Unfortunately, we’re not all professional photographers here. Camera360 provides countless editing features to enhance any picture you take. Now you can look back at your photos and remember it as if you were back on vacation.

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For road warriors: GasBuddy 

Saving time and money is an essential part of any trip, especially when you’re on the road. GasBuddy locates the nearest gas stations and provides approximate pricing. This is useful when you’re running on empty or you just want to find the closest gas station for the most affordable price.

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For adventurous riders: Uber

For those who fly and don’t particularly enjoy renting a car, Uber will be your go-to app. Not only are they more affordable than taxis (most of the time), Ubers are also reliable by giving you an ETA and contact information of your Uber driver. They also give you fare estimates, so you don’t have to commit to anything until you’re ready to be picked up.

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For prepared flyers: GateGuru

There’s nothing worse than layovers and delays, and we feel your pain. Fortunately, GateGuru acts as your own personal airport assistant. Lost and need a map of the terminals? Done. Hungry and need a map of the restaurants in the airport? Done. GateGuru also provides you with average wait times at each terminal’s security checkpoint.

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Once you’ve planned your trip and downloaded your best travel apps…

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Top Technology for Traveling Easier


By Darren Meacher (Own work)

While travel can be exciting, as soon as we step into the airport we’re quickly reminded that a large part of traveling is filled with monotonous activities, waiting in lines, and convoluted itineraries.  

Thank goodness for technology. It provides entertainment during down times and helps us to get to our destinations faster and easier. In fact, It’s hard to even imagine traveling anywhere without our smartphones, tablet computers, eReaders, or GPS units.

At Bags Inc., we appreciate any tools or techniques that can make travel easier, and technology is always a favorite topic. So while we’re all familiar with the typical technology, we’ve come across a few unfamiliar gadgets that can make travel even easier.

1. Trackdot luggage tracker

The perfect complement to our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, the Trackdot luggage tracking device provides text message or email notifications regarding the exact location of your luggage, anywhere in the world. You can also track your luggage online, creating 24/7 peace of mind as you will never wonder if your luggage has taken any unexpected detours. Compact and lightweight, the device is designed specifically for air travel and fits right inside your suitcase.

2. Franklin 12-language global translator

As indispensable as your passport, this device can translate in 12 different languages. You simply enter a word or phrase in your native language and the device will display the text translation with an audible pronunciation.   

3. Trackstick II

Working across the planet, Trackstick II traces your every step by superimposing red lines over satellite photos and 3D terrain obtained from Google Earth. Tracing the precise routes, stop times, speed, and directions associated with your trip, the device creates a complete electronic history of your journey that is viewable on your computer, allowing you to record your explorations or create a satellite album of your vacation.

4. HipKey

Are you habitually losing your keys, smartphone, or other important devices when traveling? HipKey has the solution. With HipKey, you place the device on any item and set the distance at which the alarm with activate. When you exceed that distance, the alarm will sound, and if you lose the item, the HipKey app can help you find it. 

5. Clear Card

Clear Card provides access to faster airport security lines, eliminating wait times and the need for arriving early at the airport. Combined with our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, Clear Card trims hours off travel time. Bags VIP allows you to skip baggage claim on the outbound leg; Clear Card allows you to skip long security lines on the inbound leg.  


What technology makes travel easier and more enjoyable for you? If you could bring only one gadget, what would it be?