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Bags Inc on PinterestPinterest LogoWe love helping to make travel easier. One of the ways we help you is our collection of Pinterest boards. We pin everything from travel and packing tips to ways to display your vacation photos, from vintage travel ads to beautiful in-flight photos taken at 35,000 feet. We especially love our Airports We Service board with an interactive map showcasing the 250+ airports where you can take advantage of Bags VIP luggage delivery, and our Travel-Inspired Crafts board to help you remember where you’ve been and plan for future adventures.

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What are your favorite travel-related Pinterest accounts that you follow?

Top Technology for Traveling Easier


By Darren Meacher (Own work)

While travel can be exciting, as soon as we step into the airport we’re quickly reminded that a large part of traveling is filled with monotonous activities, waiting in lines, and convoluted itineraries.  

Thank goodness for technology. It provides entertainment during down times and helps us to get to our destinations faster and easier. In fact, It’s hard to even imagine traveling anywhere without our smartphones, tablet computers, eReaders, or GPS units.

At Bags Inc., we appreciate any tools or techniques that can make travel easier, and technology is always a favorite topic. So while we’re all familiar with the typical technology, we’ve come across a few unfamiliar gadgets that can make travel even easier.

1. Trackdot luggage tracker

The perfect complement to our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, the Trackdot luggage tracking device provides text message or email notifications regarding the exact location of your luggage, anywhere in the world. You can also track your luggage online, creating 24/7 peace of mind as you will never wonder if your luggage has taken any unexpected detours. Compact and lightweight, the device is designed specifically for air travel and fits right inside your suitcase.

2. Franklin 12-language global translator

As indispensable as your passport, this device can translate in 12 different languages. You simply enter a word or phrase in your native language and the device will display the text translation with an audible pronunciation.   

3. Trackstick II

Working across the planet, Trackstick II traces your every step by superimposing red lines over satellite photos and 3D terrain obtained from Google Earth. Tracing the precise routes, stop times, speed, and directions associated with your trip, the device creates a complete electronic history of your journey that is viewable on your computer, allowing you to record your explorations or create a satellite album of your vacation.

4. HipKey

Are you habitually losing your keys, smartphone, or other important devices when traveling? HipKey has the solution. With HipKey, you place the device on any item and set the distance at which the alarm with activate. When you exceed that distance, the alarm will sound, and if you lose the item, the HipKey app can help you find it. 

5. Clear Card

Clear Card provides access to faster airport security lines, eliminating wait times and the need for arriving early at the airport. Combined with our Bags VIP luggage delivery service, Clear Card trims hours off travel time. Bags VIP allows you to skip baggage claim on the outbound leg; Clear Card allows you to skip long security lines on the inbound leg.  


What technology makes travel easier and more enjoyable for you? If you could bring only one gadget, what would it be?


Tunnel to Boston’s Logan Airport to Close for 3 Months


By Rene Schwietzke (Own work)

The Callahan Tunnel, carrying a weekday average of 30,000 cars, will close for 3 months beginning on December 27 of this year. The 52-year-old tunnel, which connects downtown Boston to Logan International Airport, is scheduled for a $34.9 million overhaul as engineers will rehabilitate the tunnel’s deck, curb line, and gutters, in addition to replacing the wall panels.

Commuting through the hectic streets of Boston has never been an easy task, and now travelers will have to cope with alternate routes, detours, and public transportation options to and from the airport. If you toss luggage transportation into the mix, you’re in for a turbulent day of travel.

Avoid the chaos and make Boston travel easier by registering for our Bags VIP luggage delivery service. When your flight lands at Logan International, bypass baggage claim and seek the most efficient route to your destination without dragging around your luggage. Let us deal with the detours and we’ll deliver your bags from baggage claim to any address within 100 miles of Logan International — no matter how difficult the route.

Checking In for the Holidays

Happy Holidays

By Marcus Quigmire from Florida, USA (happy Holidays Uploaded by Princess Mérida) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

In anticipation of the busy 2013 holiday travel season, many people think that packing light is the only option for air travel. The problem is, the holiday season is the least-suited time for traveling light.

What if you want to bring your Christmas tree with you wherever you’re headed? What if you want to take back some family-favorite foods on the return flight? What if you have multiple gifts to deliver, or you need to get your Black Friday purchases back home? As it turns out, you can check many of these items on your flight, and Bags VIP will deliver them for you.

While you should confirm with your specific airline, you can travel with many holiday items including ice skates, snow globes, Christmas trees, pies and cakes, antlers, food items, and gifts.

So the next time you have holiday items to transport, use the service that even Santa wished he had used: Bags VIP!

What holiday items have you checked in on a flight? If you could fill a suitcase with your favorite holiday food, what would it be?


Stress Free Vacation Packing

SuitcasePacking for vacation—the dreaded part of every trip—is a big project. And like most large projects, procrastination often gets the best of us. The list of items to remember is enormous and the possibilities to consider are numerous. So we put it off, pack last minute, and either forget key items or pack way too much. If this sounds familiar, this post is for you.

Packing doesn’t have to be stressful; in fact, it can be easily managed as long as you stay organized and begin the process early. Here are some packing tips you can use for your next vacation.

Make a list

This is rule # 1; without a list, you’re just asking to forget something essential—there are simply too many items to remember. While initially time consuming, developing a checklist facilitates the entire packing process. Thirty minutes of planning could save countless hours of stress and frustration—especially if you need to waste valuable vacation time purchasing items you forgot to pack.

Here is a good example of a packing checklist at IndependentTraveler.com.

Don’t rely completely on premade checklists

Packing requires careful planning. While it is helpful to obtain premade checklists, make sure you spend the time customizing it. Some lists are more thorough than others, but each should be used only as a starting point or template for your specific modifications.

Start with the essentials

Your checklist should begin with items that are either non-replaceable or otherwise very difficult to replace. This includes your wallet, identification, passport, credit cards, cell phone, airline tickets, medications, and confirmation numbers.

Plan your outfits carefully

Once again, taking the time to plan early will pay off later. It is generally good advice to pack an outfit for each day, plus a few extras. However, if you know you’ll be doing some clothing shopping while on vacation, you may want to leave a little extra space.

Also, avoid the mistake of traveling exclusively with one “type” of clothing. Warm climates may experience cold spells at night or under certain weather conditions, and a casual vacation may present an opportunity to dress in more formal attire. Pack at least a few outfits for these possibilities.

Think twice about toiletry items

Pack what you need, but keep in mind that TSA regulations can limit what can be transported in carry-on bags. In addition, there is always the risk that your messier items may tear and leak into your checked bags. To avoid these issues, consider visiting the travel section at the department store once you arrive at your destination.

Plan for downtime

When you think about your vacation, you probably conjure images of skiing down mountains or experiencing the adrenaline rush of thrill rides. But don’t neglect the inevitable and less than exhilarating aspects of the trip, such waiting at the airport, enduring the flight, or just relaxing at the hotel after a busy day. Whatever the reason, you need to be prepared for downtime with items like books, magazines, iPods, crossword puzzles, electronics, etc.

Bring travel information

Don’t waste precious vacation time trying to figure out what to do and how to get there. Make sure you bring your itinerary, guidebooks, and a GPS if you’re renting a car. Maintaining a strict schedule isn’t necessary, but you should at least have a general plan with the technology and resources needed to quickly get you where you need to be.

Take your favorite technology

Make sure to pack your favorite technology such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, and cameras, while avoiding the most common technology-related packing mistake: forgetting the chargers. You’ll also want to remember the camera, and if you have undeveloped film, make sure it’s transported in a carry-on bag. The reason: X-ray equipment used to inspect checked baggage is stronger and has the potential to erase the film.


Unavoidably, you’re going to be packing quite a bit. And you’ll probably want to do some shopping and purchase some souvenirs for the return flight. This is where Bags Inc. can help with the process. Even with the best planning, you’re not going to want to wrestle with your bags to and from the airport. With our luggage delivery service, combined with careful planning and smart packing, you can maximize your vacation time.

If you have any packing tips you would like to share, we’d love to hear them.