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We Value Our Bags Inc. Airline Partners

Bags Inc. Travel Airline Partners JetBlue

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Bags VIP luggage delivery allows you to bypass baggage claim (or baggage shipping) and begin making the most of your vacation or business trip right away, without the burden of luggage. Major cruise lines, world-famous resorts, and airline partners trust Bags Inc. to handle their customers’ luggage every day – more than 5 million bags each year.

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Delta Airlines, AirTran, United Airlines, US Airways and Southwest Airlines, to name a few, partner with Bags Inc. to provide convenient luggage delivery services for their valued and busy passengers. Bags VIP service is offered as a great alternative to baggage shipping in more than 250 locations across the country, including locations in all 50 states. Our airline partners benefit from the many services we offer to make travel easier and more convenient.

Bags Inc. Travel Airline Partners United

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Skycap Services
We provide curb-side check-in and baggage handling services delivered by our world-class agents. Each agent is comprehensively trained and adheres to strict standards of appearance. We collect, audit, and account for all baggage fee revenue and help to reduce long lines at airport check-in counters. Our technology can also manage overflow scenarios during times of unusually high travel volume.

Wheelchair Assistance
Using state-of-the art proprietary technology (PUSH Wheelchair System), we provide sophisticated tracking of all special service requests. Our systems can track the precise time and location of agent activity at key check points with our secure Wi-Fi/scanning technology, providing a complete electronic history of each request and ensuring accountability on our end and liability protection for clients.

Forget the hassles of baggage shipping. Customers of Bags Inc. airline partners are given the opportunity to take advantage of our Bags VIP service via custom portals developed closely with each airline. Our services enhance the flying experience, and we are thrilled that our partner airlines have chosen Bags VIP and our other custom travel solutions to make travel easier and more enjoyable for their customers.