Bags VIP Luggage Delivery or Luggage Shipping? A Comparison.

Forget luggage shipping and use luggage delivery!

Bags VIP Luggage Delivery vs Luggage ShippingWe have built the entire Bags VIP concept around the virtues of bypassing baggage claim. But you may ask, why use Bags VIP when you could achieve the same result using a luggage shipping service that picks up your luggage directly from your home? To answer this question, we compared Bags VIP with three major luggage shipping companies in two categories: (1) price, and (2) convenience.

To evaluate pricing, we created three separate shipping scenarios with different combinations of items. We then compared the rates for Bags VIP with those of Luggage Forward, Lugless, and Luggage Free.*

Pricing for Luggage Forward, Lugless, and Luggage Free includes shipment charges for each item; pricing for Bags VIP includes delivery charges and airline baggage fees (airline baggage fees obtained from one of Bags’ major airline partners).

In all three scenarios, Bags VIP is the less expensive option compared to all three shipping-ahead luggage delivery companies — by as much as 49%. Even when paying airline baggage fees, Bags VIP luggage delivery service is significantly less expensive.

Shipping luggage ahead admittedly has one advantage: you avoid having to transport your items to the airport. While this can be convenient, the additional burden associated with shipping items ahead eliminates the very convenience it is meant to create.

Luggage shipping creates the added hassle of having to prepare your luggage for shipment, select the shipping provider, and ship your items well in advance of the trip. In addition, after shipment, you inherit the risk of your items not arriving exactly when you expect them.

In terms of total convenience, peace of mind, and price, Bags VIP is the winner. Bags VIP is more economical, with rates from 20% to 49% lower in our shipping scenarios; it is also more convenient — your bags travel with you on the plane and are delivered within a more predictable and reliable time frame.

*Note on prices: Luggage Forward, Lugless, and Luggage Free (luggage shipping companies) prices based on rates posted on the their respective websites as of March 13, 2014, assuming flights are within the U.S. and standard 5-day shipping is selected. Bags VIP prices are based on rates posted as of March 13, 2014, assuming flights are within the U.S. and customers are flying with one of Bags’ major airline partners. Airline baggage fees based on rates as of March 13, 2014.

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