Using Bags VIP Luggage Delivery vs. Shipping Golf Clubs

Use Bags VIP luggage delivery instead of shipping golf clubs!

Image courtesy of the Battle Creek CVB via Flickr.

Going on a business trip? Or maybe getting ready for that big golf weekend with your buddies? We know that picking up your golf clubs from baggage claim can be real hassle, and shipping golf clubs ahead takes time and can be expensive. Most luggage shipping services require your items to be picked up days in advance and specially packed, but Bags VIP does not. With Bags VIP, your golf clubs and equipment travel with you as checked baggage rather than requiring the risk, cost and hassle of shipping them ahead.

Bags VIP is the smart alternative to shipping golf clubs.

At your destination, a Bags VIP agent will retrieve your equipment from baggage claim and deliver it to your hotel, resort, or straight to the country club. Have your clubs waiting on you instead of the other way around. With Bags VIP, your luggage travels on the same plane as you, instead of being shipped ahead, and you get the peace of mind knowing it will be delivered in a time frame you can plan around. And with 24/7 customer service and email status updates on your luggage, you can know your clubs are in trusted hands.

Enjoy your next golf trip with full confidence that your clubs will be where you need them, when you need them, safe and sound. Enjoy the convenience with no more hassle and no more stress, for less.

Use Bags VIP luggage delivery instead of shipping golf clubs!

Image courtesy Zach Dischner via Flickr.

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